Our upcycled travel bag

Created from swim shorts, discover our sutainable travel bags

To design a virtuous circle

Rivea has partnered with Atelier Emeraude to embark on an innovative alliance, born from a shared commitment against waste and a desire to create unique fashion accessories. Starting with swim shorts featuring minor production defects that couldn't be placed on the market, we came up with the idea of giving birth to travel pouches through upcycling. Our mission was to design a virtuous circle where nothing is wasted but everything is reimagined and reinvented. Explore our collection of upcycled travel pouches and discover how we transform imperfection into elegance.

From a swim short to a travel bag

Unique Expertise

Thanks to its unique expertise in the field of sustainable fashion, Atelier Emeraude has undertaken to create a travel pouch from Rivea swim shorts, overseeing both its design and production. Their specialized approach ensured that every step of the process met the highest standards in sustainability and craftsmanship.

Atelier Emeraude

Atelier Emeraude is not just another recycling-focused fashion brand; it is a company committed to sustainability, firmly believing in its contribution to waste reduction and environmental preservation. Atelier Emeraude uses gently worn clothing as raw materials to create unique, high-quality recycled fashion pieces and accessories.