Notre savoir-faire

We want our swim shorts to be perfect from every angle, with no compromise on quality, values or environmental issues. And this approach can be seen in our unique expertise, right down to the very last detail. From textiles made out of recycled fishing nets, to buttons designed by a jewellery artist in Geneva and made from rPET, craftsmanship, sustainability and short supply chains lie at the heart of our approach. A human adventure, where the very best talents have been assembled to make the first swimwear whose life is a journey from the sea to the sea.

Ethical, practical and stylish

Our Oeko-Tex® certified fabric was specially developed for Rivea using plastic bottles recovered from beaches or fished out of the Mediterranean. Ethical, yet stylish and practical too, this high-end fabric is soft to the touch, dries quickly and is highly resistant to wear and tear.

Reduced carbon footprint

There was never any doubt that our swimwear would be produced in Europe. Not just because Europe has labour laws and safety standards to protect its workers, but also because of the environmental¬¬ impact of transport. In line with our values and commitments, our swim shorts are manufactured in small production units in northern Portugal, with whom we have developed strong, lasting relationships.

Sublime, sustainable footprint

Our prints are inspired by the Riviera and all the stories that surround it. The fabric is printed by sublimation, using water-based, solvent-free inks and a heat press. Not only is this one of the most eco-friendly printing processes, but it also produces some of the most sustainable results, as the colours are highly resistant to the effects of salt, sea and chlorine.

Our goal is to offer you an ethical and sustainable swimwear, produced from waste collected from the seas and oceans

A sens of detail

Parce que « le diable se cache dans les détails », nous ne laissons rien au hasard. Voici la liste de ces petites choses qui changent tout et auxquelles nous prêtons particulièrement attention :

- Des œillets placés à l’arrière du maillot pour garantir une bonne évacuation de l’eau.

- Des coutures disposant de nombreux points d’arrêts aux endroits renforcés.

- Des cordons terminés par des aglets légèrement incurvés confectionnés en zamac inoxydable – un alliage de zinc, d’aluminium et de magnésium – et ornés du logo Rivea.

- Des poches arrière pliées, assemblées et positionnées manuellement pour s’ajuster parfaitement au dessin de l’imprimé.

A button made with ocean waste

Certains diront que ce n’est qu’un détail. Pour nous, il a toute son importance. Nous prêtons une attention particulière à la confection du bouton Rivea de nos maillots de bain. Dessiné à la main sur de la cire perdue par une bijoutière genevoise, le bouton est orné du logo et des vagues caractéristiques de Rivea. Parce que nous privilégions une production locale et écoresponsable, il est confectionné en Suisse en Rpet et moulé manuellement avec la précision helvétique.


All our swimwear comes in a waterproof pouch made of TPU, a new, sustainable, biodegradable material. Perfect to take with you to the beach, on the boat, or on the terrace, on all your summer getaways.


We firmly believe that small things can have a big impact. What better reason to ensure that even the buttons on our swim shorts are made from eco-friendly rPET, produced by a Swiss start-up in Basel.


Because we don’t believe in leaving anything to chance, we asked a jewellery artist based in Geneva to design the perfect button for our swim shorts. By reworking the Rivea logo and stylised waves graphic, in her hands the button a work of true craftsmanship.