A fibre that cleans the sea

We use Seaqual to make our swim shorts – it’s a fibre made from recycled plastic bottles, that have been recovered from beaches or fished out of the Mediterranean.

I got out of bed, opened the shutters and the sea and sky struck me full in the face with the same blue, the same pink, the same happiness.

With fondest regards, Françoise Sagan

Our values

Since the creation of Rivea , we have had a simple objective: to prove that it is possible to create collections with modern designs while at the same time adopting an approach that is respectful of the environment .
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Our know-how

We want our swim shorts to be perfect from every angle, with no compromise on quality, values or environmental issues. And this approach can be seen in our unique expertise, right down to the very last detail.

A Rivea swim short


10 bottles

Collected in the Mediterranean Sea and on the beaches

1 button

Made from ocean granules

A pouch

Waterproof, sustainable and biodegradable