We had to create something

Our story

The idea had been going round and round in our mind for some time. Like an earworm, a tune you just can’t get out of your head. After more than ten years working in the field of luxury craftsmanship and design, we felt the need to create something, to go on an adventure that would bring meaning to our life and reflected our personal values and aspirations. So we took the plunge, we just dived right in.

Why Rivea? Because we have always been crazy about the riviera atmosphere – those sun-filled shores, where the living is easy and carefree. We are thinking of the riviera where we grew up, beside the sparkling waters of Lake Geneva; of the Italian Riviera, steeped in childhood memories; and, of course, of the French Riviera, where we love to holiday in the shade of pine-trees and striped parasols, just like the photos by Stuart Cantor or Slim Aarons. We are also thinking of the films that fostered my imagination: Alain Delon, languidly lounging by the pool in “The Swimming Pool”, or busily doing something on the deck of a boat in “Purple Noon” – always impeccable, always nonchalant, always elegant. We wanted to capture that sense of style. And the rest? The rest was all about sustainability. We are convinced that it is no longer an option for a fashion brand to ignore its impact on the environment, which is why we wanted to produce a swimwear collection that would be truly eco-friendly. So we travelled Europe in search of the best materials and know-how to help me with my project to manufacture timeless swimwear with a minimal impact on the environment. Trip by trip, meeting by meeting, we began to develop strong bonds with businesses in the ready-to-wear sector, that were equally keen to switch to a new production model, one that would show more respect for the environment and the oceans. Thanks to their expertise, and that of local start-ups operating at the cutting edge of R&D, Rivea swim shorts are made almost entirely of recycled waste, from the Seaqual fabric, woven from plastic debris recovered from the sea, to the buttons, made from ocean plastic granules.

We are so pleased to have been able to produce a swimwear collection that truly respects the environment. But every little thing counts, which is why we continue to seek new, ever more innovative, ever more pertinent solutions, so that style and ethics can walk hand in hand at the water’s edge. Our story has only just begun – what happens next is up to you – and us …..