Elegance by the water

The sun beats down from an azure sky, sharply silhouetting people busying themselves on the burning sand, lazing in the shade of their parasols, or simply drifting off to sleep, lulled by the sound of crystal-clear waves lapping against painted wooden hulls. In the distance we can hear a couple riding off on their Vespa, along a little cobbled street, the wind in their hair. A beach in the south of France? Somewhere on the coast of Italy? The shores of a Swiss lake perhaps? The story doesn’t say. But Rivea is all that and more – a Swiss brand making timeless swimwear, inspired by la dolce vita and the legendary Riviera. Rivea is an ethical, eco-friendly brand offering a collection designed and manufactured in Europe. The iconic prints and impeccable cut capture the picture-postcard holiday, where the living is easy and days spent by the water come with a certain nonchalant elegance.