Our values
Our values

Last over time


Fashion passes, style is eternal. You've probably already heard this quotation before. We firmly believe in it. Since the creation of Rivea, we have chosen to ignore the constantly renewed collections by creating clothes that last over time. Timeless clothes that we enjoy wearing today and that will remain impeccable tomorrow. Lasting also means not compromising on quality. All our clothes are thought out down to the smallest detail, from the origin of the materials to their manufacture, carried out according to a very high level of requirement.

Be transparent


You refuse to wear a shirt produced by children on the other side of the world? We too, of course. Consuming well means knowing what you are buying. We are committed to being transparent across the entire value chain in order to build a trustful relationship with you. For each of our products, we give you maximum visibility on the origin of our fabrics and the creation of our clothes.



To create and innovate, we rely daily on the know-how of recognized workshops and partners with whom we share the same social and environmental values.

Rely on recognized certifications


Don’t like fancy promises? We neither. This is why all of our products are certified by independent labels such as Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), 100% cotton or Oeko-Tex. More than promises, these standards guarantee our community the biological origin of the fabric as well as a reduced impact on health and the environment.

Go straight in Europe


The choice to design our clothes in Europe seemed obvious. First of all, for labor legislation and safety standards that protect workers, but also to reduce the ecological impact linked to transport. We have chosen to make our clothes in Portugal for the quality of their work certified by independent labels, the know-how of their production units and for the close relationships we have been able to forge with them.

Responsible packaging


There are no small profits, especially when it comes to ecology! We are not content with producing sustainable clothing: we are rethinking the packaging in order to reduce its environmental impact. We therefore pack our clothes in recycled boxes.

Think about tomorrow


Of course, we can always do better and we shouldn't stop there. Even small changes can make a difference and we are constantly looking for solutions to further limit our ecological impact.