A sustainable packaging

We don't just produce eco-friendly swimsuits: we are also rethinking the packaging to reduce its environmental impact. All of our swimwears come with a blue TPU waterproof bag designed to follow you everywhere, in all conditions of use.

This new material, a thermoplastic polyurethane, multiplies the qualities. It not only has the advantage of being recyclable and biodegradable, it is also exceptionally robust. It is resistant to shocks and scratches. So you can put your Rivea dry bag on the rocks or on the sand without worrying about it getting damaged.

TPU is also insensitive to thermal variations: if you spend the day at the beach in direct sunlight, your pouch will not warp in the heat. It is also odorless and chlorine free. Perfect to slip in your swim short, sunglasses or whatever else you need on your summer getaways, at the beach, on the deck of a boat or on the patio. Reinvented, the Rivea packaging stands out as an ecological, practical and chic accessory!