"Jean-Claude feels his life is like the drop of water rolling down his hand. Transparent, fragile, anonymous. Lying by the pool, unable to move for the heat of the sun, he sees it in close-up. Staring at it for such a long time has turned it into a kind of symbol, and he watches and waits for it to fall, his heart racing. It seems to him that the moment it falls, he too will die. Rather than run that risk, he prefers to move, turning his head as he lets his hand fall back into the pool’s blue water."
La Piscine, Alain Page

Within the four walls of their villa in Ramatuelle, or on the scorching slabs surrounding The Swimming Pool, Alain Delon and Romy Schneider dazzle us with their insolent beauty. He wears just a brown paisley swimsuit, here given a more contemporary cut that still has a vintage feel.




CHF 135